The Wine Wanker

Monday, December 06, 2004

Explication of wanker

(a) a kind of person
(b) people of this kind think something like this:
(c) ‘I am someone very good’
(d) ‘I know many things’
(e) ‘other people don’t know these things’
(f) ‘I want other people to know what I think about things’
(g) people of this kind want other people to think good things about them
(h) because of this, they say many good things about themselves
(i) when they do this they feel something good
(j) other people don’t want to hear people say things like this
(k) people think it is bad to be like this
(l) some people think it is bad to say this word

The attitudinal components (c), (d) and (e) indicate the typical arrogance and egotism of a wanker. They feel a sense of material, social and intellectual superiority over other people. A wanker perceives themselves to be knowledgeable and in possession of information that is inaccessible or material goods that are unattainable to other people.

Line (f) explains that a wanker is opinionated and feel their opinion is valuable. Self-absorbed and egotistical they are extroverted, confident, highly opinionated and dogmatic in their interaction with other people as a result of their exaggerated and delusional self-perception.

Components (g), (h) and (i) indicate that a wanker is boastful, brags, is self-indulgent and feels a sense of superiority. Line (j) indicates that although wankers perceive themselves to be important and impressive others see them as annoying and vainglorious. A wanker is a selfish, inconsiderate conversationalist. They are solely concerned with discussing their own interests, oblivious to their co-conversationalists.

Component (k) suggests that a wanker is socially reproved for their bad social behaviour. Line (l) suggests that the word is perceived as socially unacceptable. Wanker is a mildly offensive term due to the sexual connotations of the term. In the progressive social climate of Australia ‘some’ although very few people may take offence at hearing this word. Wanker is widely accepted and used frequently in the media.


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